Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The Drive 4 UR School program is designed for dealerships to partner with any public or private elementary, middle, or high school in addition to any organization in which the funds will directly benefit or go back to a school in any capacity. Drive 4 UR Community is designed for dealerships to partner with local or national community organizations and non-profits. See Drive 4 UR Community's charity guidelines.

Program HQ recommends holding events at the school or benefiting organization's location, if located within the dealership's Primary Market Area (PMA). Holding the event away from the dealership helps establish a low-pressure environment for participants and encourages support from the community. Dealerships are responsible for adhering to all local and state laws regarding off-site test-drives and vehicle displays. Events should be held on one day and at one location only.

Benefiting organizations will earn $20 per household for each valid test-drive at the event with a maximum donation of $6,000.*

Anyone 18 years or older with a valid driver's license can participate. This person does not have to be an organization member in order to qualify.

Dealers are encouraged to bring a full lineup of products with the highest trim level available. It is up to the dealership to determine which vehicles will be featured at the event. Most Ford vehicles are eligible for test-drives; however, test-drives completed in a Crown Victoria, E-Series, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles are not eligible for a donation.

Absolutely! Supporting multiple clubs increases the chance of reaching the $6,000 donation.* Please be aware that Program HQ will send only one check per event. It is the lead school or organization's responsibility to distribute the funds among clubs or activities.

No, a dealership may only partner with one organization during a single Drive 4 UR Community event.

No. Anyone who is 18 years or older and has a valid driver's license can participate on event day. And you can feel good doing it knowing that you are helping the community!

Yes! Feel free to attract people to your fund-raisers in whatever way you like. Bake sales, talent shows, car washes, sporting events, open houses ─ whatever drives people your way! However, you cannot host both a Drive 4 UR School and Drive 4 UR Community event on the same day.

Enrollment for Drive 4 UR School – Spring 2019 and Drive 4 UR Community – Year 2019 will open here on our website on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 1PM EST. Events must be enrolled at least three weeks before the proposed event date. Dealers are required to enroll events. As recognition for their commitment to the program, a limited number of early enrollment events for Drive 4 UR School will be available to actively enrolled Consumer Experience Movement (CEM) Dealers starting at 1PM EST on Monday, January 21, 2019. This early enrollment period is for CEM Dealers only, enrollment must be completed online and events are available on a first come first served basis. If you are a school or organization looking to host an event, you can locate a dealership here. Create an account to get more information about the programs, including an event planning guide, PR toolkit, and other resources to keep your event running smoothly!

The following is important information about enrollment in 2019:

Eligible Drive 4 UR School Spring event dates are March 1, 2019-July 31, 2019

Eligible Drive 4 UR Community event dates are March 1, 2019-December 31, 2019

Event date and partner school information are required for enrollment

Enrollment is limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis

Only dealers are able to enroll and must enroll online.

Drive 4 UR School Program Headquarters can be contacted by phone at (888) 908-3673 or email at Drive 4 UR Community Program Headquarters can be contacted by phone at (888) 893-3673 or email at

Dealer Questions

In order for a bonus test-drive to be eligible to receive the incremental donation, participants must indicate the qualifying vehicle they test-drove by checking the appropriate box on the back of the Spring 2019 Drive 4 UR School waiver form included in your standard event kit. Please note you will NOT receive additional waiver forms for your 2019 Edge or 2019 EcoSport Bonus Drive event.

For example, if a participant first drives in a Fusion, they should mark the "Fusion" box.  Once they have completed their second test-drive in a 2019 Edge or 2019 EcoSport, they must also check the "Edge" or "EcoSport" box on the same waiver form.